Field fluctuations

Click, click… Yet another click. We’re clicking on the keyboard, scratching the paper with pens, extinguishing another pencil, saying something – leaving this world with another piece of our thought expressed in writing or picture or whatsoever. It is so easy.

No matter how we do this we’re leaving tracks. Most of us do not impress too much in the sand of time, thus the words are getting vanished rapidly. Within a couple of years nobody (including ourselves) will ever remember what we are saying now.

But every single piece of information we spit out in any way alters the world. And it does alter it in a dramatic way, all the way thought time from the moment you open your mouth and till the end of times. It might be not even the information itself being saved, but the impression it has left.

That is what one must remember before uttering a single word: you carry the whole weight of the responsibility in the face of all the generations, of all the minds and souls that the word uttered might alter. Be careful, my friend.


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  1. ^SerenitY^ пишет:

    Наверное, с появлением интернета этот вопрос приобрёл особую остроту. В сети можно не только найти большое количество информации о постороннем интересующем тебя человеке (а он-то и не догадывается…), но и некоторые вещи о себе самом, которые, мягко говоря, не хотелось бы находить. А помнить – и подавно. Тут действительно надо следить за каждым своим словом, потому что “ЖОПА!”, сказанная тобой в 16 лет, может выйти боком в 25, когда тебя из-за неё не примут на порядочную работу.

  2. mov ax, bx пишет:

    It’s so easy to click. It’s really easy to hit the keyboard. To break a dozen of pencils and get a wonderful picture. It’s so easy to say, but is it so easy to make the others understand?
    Sometimes your thoughts adresses to somebody. But there is no response.
    What shall be told, should be told at right time. What shall be listened, should be listened at right time. If silence is the answer, were the words vain?
    We are responsible for every thought and word. All of them should reside at the edge of our consciousness, marked as `experience’, so that they become the part and parcel of yourself. That’s what happened to you in the past. Are you responsible for yourself, for your thoughts and deeds? I am.

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